Chandigarh Kidney Foundation (CKF) is a not-for-profit, Non Governmental Organization which came into existence in 2015 in Chandigarh (UT) by Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan (Founder) who always felt immense pain and grief whenever he witnessed any critically ill Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patient's struggle for survival due to excruciating physical suffering and financially crippling aspect of the kidney ailment. Moved by the plight of such patients Dr. Ranjan decided to create a NGO to help these unfortunate souls with whatever meagre resources were available.

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  1. We educate people about kidney health and how best to maintain optimal kidney functioning by conducting seminars/ workshops in schools/ colleges and other forums.
  2. We publish literature/ newsletter/ books for spreading awareness at regular intervals.
  3. We educate through our awareness campaigns on social media / YouTube channel.
  4. We conduct free check up camps for the needy patients for early detection.
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Recent Activities

What We Do

Awareness Programs

CKF has an objective to spread awareness regarding kidney health and educate as many people...

Dialysis Education

When both the kidneys of a patient of kidney disease are damaged, he is said to have reached End Stage Kidney...

Transplant Assistance

We at CKF are committed to enlighten as many individuals as possible to enhance kidney health however for those...

Swap Transplant Assistance

When a kidney patient is declared to have got both his kidneys damaged and is recommended a renal transplant..

Transplant Games

As a CKD patient goes through various stages of the deadly disease till the time he finally receives a kidney transplant..

 Kidney Knowledge Centre

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs present in left and right sides of the body in vertebrates. They are located..


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